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Martin Scorsese
I've been practicing the Transcendental Meditation® for the last few years. It's difficult to describe the effect on my life–but I can only mention a few words: calm, clarity, a balance, and times a recognition. It's made a difference.

Martin Scorsese Academy Award-wining filmmaker

Learn to Meditate

The TM technique is taught in three phases–an initial five-step course, followed by a series of refresher sessions to reinforce mechanics. A lifetime follow-up program is available to all practitioners at no charge.

Phase One: 5-Step Course of Instruction

Step 1:  TM introductory lecture – A discussion of what Transcendental Meditation is and is not, how the technique works, and a summary of published research on the benefits (60 minutes).

Step 2:  Personal instruction in the TM technique – Learn to meditate with private, one-to-one instruction from a certified TM teacher (90 minutes).

Steps 3, 4, & 5:  Follow-up seminars of TM instruction – These classes will verify and validate your correct TM practice for maximum benefits in daily life (75 minutes).

*Steps 2–5 must be held on consecutive days.

Phase Two: 4 TM Refresher Sessions

After completion of Phase 1, four follow-up meditation refresher sessions, scheduled at the convenience of your company or organization, will help to ensure that each individual continues to practice the technique properly and gains maximum benefit (45 minutes).

Phase Three: Lifetime Follow-Up Program

After completion of Phases 1 and 2, a lifetime of free, follow-up meditation refresher sessions and advanced lectures are available for all participants through Center for Health & Wellness offices worldwide at no additional charge.

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